Property and Infrastructure Specialists
Providing strategic guidance and relocation expertise for the transition into Adelaide’s new state of the art hospital.
Central Adelaide Local Health Network
Adelaide, SA
$1.85 billion

Maintaining critical business continuity

Transitioning to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) was a massive undertaking to relocate almost 7,000 staff, 20,000 items of equipment and the clinical move of 297 patients.

Overarching the project was the imperative for a holistic assurance process to give certainty for the client that the transition met all regulatory standards.

Managing multiple stakeholders across clinical, admin and operations is paramount

APP assisted in evaluating the organisation’s overall readiness to begin operations, the change readiness of the 7,000 staff moving into the new location and the management and mitigation of risks involved in the move.

Following this initial 6 month engagement, APP was part of a team with significant skill in change and stakeholder management assisting with preparations for the move into the new hospital.

The sheer scale of the largest hospital transitioning project in Australia meant that extensive interaction with a multitude of project teams across clinical, administrative and operational areas of the hospital was required.

A flexible approach to communicating with stakeholders at all levels of the project proved effective, resulting in the efficient and timely implementation of newly developed readiness processes which contributed to the successful execution of the hospital transition.

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