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Contracts Hub™

Contractor Lifecycle Management

Contract Management

A customised innovative digital platform that makes end-to-end contract management easy. 

The APP Group together with its subsidiary Terra Schwartz have developed Contracts Hub™, an all-in-one solution designed to manage all your contract management activity in one place. 

Designed for secure and complex environments, Contracts Hub™ delivers an integrated operating environment that optimises contract lifecycle management by increasing compliance and productivity, oversight over contractor workforces and delivering better reporting and return on investment outcomes.

Contracts Hub

Fully Integrated & Secure

Underpinned by digital processes and automation and coupled with seamless technical integration, Contracts Hub™ applies a range of workflows to any procurement or sourcing activity type with the security of pre-built modules certified to ‘protected’ data levels which enables rapid deployment and instant benefits. 

Contracts Hub™ Benefits & ROI
Faster time to market by addressing bottleneck management through greater automation
Streamline coordination and management of vendors and head contracts
Track all contractual obligations and key deliverables
Manage all payment milestones efficiently
Instant real-time reporting, delivering the complete view of the contract landscape
Machine learning driving ongoing enhancements and performance
Supplier performance oversight and reporting
Little no onboarding training required,  easy to use and navigate from day one
Increase compliance
Easy to adopt and use, with the innovative platform requiring little to no learning curve for users.
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Trusted by the Australian Government and leading businesses, Contracts Hub™ is live across 3,000 users with over 900 projects being actively managed with more than $2 billion in contracts under management.

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