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Parramatta Park Trust
Parramatta Park, Sydney NSW

Why is Parramatta Park and its future management so important?

Located within the growing Central River City, Parramatta Park is one of the most significant cultural heritage landscapes in Australia with 39,000 years of Aboriginal Culture, 70 years as an Early British Colonial Vice-regal Domain, over 160 years as a gazetted People’s Park and its natural heritage flora and fauna. It is part of the Australian Convict Sites UNESCO World Heritage Listing, as well as the Australian Government’s World and National Heritage Lists and the NSW State Heritage Register.

Uniquely positioned within this significant cultural heritage landscape, Parramatta Park remains the primary open green space for the people of Greater Paramatta and beyond. The Park offers a place of respite from the rapidly growing and evolving urban and suburban environments of Greater Parramatta. As the area around Parramatta Park changes, and with visitation to the Park reaching 2 million visitors a year, the Park must be managed in a way that anticipates its future needs as well as protecting and promoting our links to the past.

Developing a blueprint for the Park’s future

APP was engaged by Parramatta Park Trust (Trust) in 2019 to project manage and support the preparation of a detailed Plan for the Park’s vision and direction over the next decade. The objective was to provide a framework that aligns the ongoing operations and activation of the Park, with the conservation of its significant heritage and cultural landscape values.

From inception, through to the public release of the Plan, APP offered a combination of strategic and project management expertise including advisory, day-to-day management and program delivery. Working in close collaboration, APP began by assisting the Trust to strategise and establish its vision for the Plan. APP adopted a comprehensive understanding of the Park and its complexities, as well as the legislative requirements and functions of the Trust in managing a heritage significant Park for the people.   

This deeper understanding enabled our experts to prepare an all-encompassing program that incorporated the Plan’s inception, drafting, preparation and adoption. We successfully procured and managed a specialist consultant team who were equally passionate about fulfilling the Plan’s vision within the desired budget and program.

An award-winning Plan

The Plan, launched as Your Parramatta Park 2030, places its heritage and cultural landscape values at the forefront of future planning by combining the Park’s Conservation Management Plan and its Plan of Management. The Plan is also an advocacy tool which promotes and informs the heritage vales of the Park, as well as the Trust’s commitment to the ongoing care and activation of the Park.

The outstanding success of Your Parramatta Park 2030 was made possible through the significant collaboration between the consultants and the Trust, coordinated by APP.

Your Parramatta Park 2030 was adopted by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces on 26 February 2020. The Plan has won Awards for Excellence for Land Management and Cultural Heritage by the AILA 2020 NSW Landscape Architecture Awards.

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