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Serving as the independent certifier for WestConnex M4 East, a major infrastructure project to ease congestion and transform Sydney’s inner west.
NSW Government (Roads and Maritime Services and Sydney Motorway Corporation)
Western Sydney, NSW

Transforming Sydney’s western transport corridor

The NSW Government and Roads Maritime Services are currently undertaking one of Australia’s largest infrastructure undertakings, WestConnex. The M4 East is a significant component of the WestConnex scheme.

The M4 East project will provide three traffic lanes in twin tunnels between Homebush and Haberfield. The objectives are to:

  • Remove through-traffic from Parramatta Road
  • Ease congestion
  • Transform Sydney’s western transport corridor
  • Facilitate urban revitalisation in the lively inner west area of Sydney.

The M4 East tunnel will extend the M4 motorway from the east side of Homebush Bay Drive, with entry and exit ramps at:

  • Concord Road
  • Parramatta Road (east of Wattle Street)
  • City West Link at Haberfield.

The project also includes stub tunnels for future connection to WestConnex Stage 3, which will ultimately connect the M4 East to the M5 beneath Sydney’s inner west.

Expert independent verification

It’s vital with such a major heavy infrastructure project that the government and other key stakeholders have assurance that the contractors are delivering all phases of the project in line with the requirements of the contract.  

To provide this assurance they engage an independent consultant to certify the quality and compliance of the design and construction throughout the project.

APP’s independent verification team has extensive independent verification experience and an exceptional level of technical expertise, skills and knowledge, which is why we were selected for this role.


Our responsibility as independent certifier is to:

  • Review the design and construction of all roads, tunnels and associated infrastructure
  • Verify that the contractor is meeting the requirements and specifications set out by the NSW Government authorities.

We have an experienced and dedicated team who use highly refined systems and procedures to carry out their duties as independent certifiers and provide the government and stakeholders with the level of confidence they need throughout the project.

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