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Delivering a highly innovative project that combines contemporary design with the preservation of a local landmark.
Parramatta Park Trust
Parramatta, NSW

A culturally significant project

Located within the World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park, the Parramatta Park Cafe is a local landmark in a historically significant location on the banks of the Parramatta River.

In late 2016, the cafe sustained fire damage and was closed to the public. As a result, Parramatta Park Trust requested a redesign of the local cultural icon for future tenants, locals and visitors.

As the site has important Aboriginal and colonial heritage, preserving the archaeological footprint beneath the existing cafe was critical, rendering the project a “no-dig” site. The client also requested incorporating the remnants of the original cafe into the new building due to insurance requirements.

A considered and cost-effective design solution was needed for the project to bring together the numerous elements of the project.

An innovative design solution

The Trust engaged APP to provide an inventive solution to the sensitive project, and our consultants took a phased approach. The first phase included:

  • Scoping and research
  • Project definition and strategy
  • Procurement of outside contractors
  • Superintendency of the project
  • Transitioning the project into a running café/restaurant (tenant liaison)

The second phase was to develop an innovative design brief. APP met and excelled at the Trust’s requirements for a ‘no-dig’ solution to ensure no disturbance to the site’s delicate archaeological footprint. Award-winning Sam Crawford Architects was engaged for the contemporary design incorporating the various constraints the project offered.


APP is managing and delivering the project on time and within budget, while maintaining the appropriate level of due diligence needed for the sensitive constraints of the project. APP also engaged and managed outside experts and consultants whose skills matched the project needs.

The resulting space combines the original features of the iconic cafe with a fresh contemporary look, offering visitors a place to enjoy refreshments surrounded by the beauty of Parramatta Park.

The new facility is on track for completion in late 2020 and will revitalise the area for:

  • Around 2 million visitors to the park each year
  • Future tenants
  • Local community


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