Parramatta Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail

Preparing the way for Parramatta Light Rail.

Parramatta Light Rail is a two-stage project to provide greater connections between Westmead and Carlingford with Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park. The first stage of the project creates 16 stops from Westmead up to Parramatta North, then down to the CBD and through to Camellia before heading north to Carlingford. 

The 12-kilometre route is a two-way track and is scheduled to open in 2024. The second stage of the project adds 14 stops connecting Parramatta CBD, Camellia and Melrose Park before heading south to Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park and Carter Street. 

The APP Group was engaged by Transport for NSW to provide delivery strategy advice for the Final Business Case for the Parramatta Light Rail project in 2015. The team provided advice on industry best practice, procurement delivery strategies, emerging trends, and identifying early works packages.

In 2018, The APP Group in partnership with Arcadis were appointed as Independent Certifier for the Parramatta Light Rail project to assist the state and contractors achieve the project goals. 

In 2020, the second stage was delayed due to budget restrictions. However, after close consideration of the Final Business Case, the NSW Government committed funds in June 2022 to start the second stage of the Parramatta Light Rail in 2024 with a completion date set for 2031. 

Transport for NSW
Sydney, New South Wales
Project status
Role completed in 2016
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