Inside Metro Melbourne tunnel

Melbourne Metro Tunnel

Tunnelling towards a simpler Melbourne Metro network and high-capacity trains.

Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel project is a major city-shaping project for the city and is part of Victoria’s Big Build program. The tunnel will allow for more high-capacity train services, reduced travel times on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Sunbury lines and help to untangle the City Loop. The Metro Tunnel connects east and west Melbourne through twin 9km tunnels, adds five new underground stations and will provide a direct connection to the airport in future through the Melbourne Airport Rail project.  

The APP Group delivered improvements to the program and budget by managing the scoping and development of the Offset Strategy. The team also guided the steering committee on delivery of best practice for large rail and metro projects.  

Cross Yarra Partnership
Melbourne, Victoria
Project status
Role completed in 2021
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