Long Tail Gas

LNG Gas Reprocessing

Providing commercial, transaction and risk advice for a complex, multi-site tail gas sulphur removal project in the Middle East. 

Sulphur is a naturally occurring component in oil and gas and when burnt emits sulphur gases into the air. The sulphur recovery process removes sulphur gases originating during the refinery process and converts them into new forms for further use. Global environmental standards being adopted by gas producing nations are targeting a reduction of up to 99% of tail gas entering the atmosphere, necessitating the use of gas reprocessing technologies.

The APP Group was engaged by our client to provide commercial, financial and technical due diligence services and to act as Owner's Engineer for a confidential sulphur gas reprocessing project in Saudi Arabia. Our team conducted detailed assessments of the commercial strategy, financials, control mechanisms, contracting strategy, design function and proposed technical solutions.  

To meet the urgent schedule, The APP Group assembled a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced subject matter experts. The team brought to the role expertise in the fields of EPC procurement and contracting, project delivery, PMO and project control, engineering, sulphur reprocessing, and tail gas treatment processes. 

Saudi Arabia
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Active since 2023
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