Air Separation Facility

Due Diligence, Air Separation Facilities

Informing a potential industrial gas investment in South Korea. 

When a global organisation was considering buying a majority stake in an air separation business in South Korea, they sought urgent technical and commercial due diligence from The APP Group regarding the feasibility and constructability of several projects associated with the purchase. 

The portfolio is distributed across South Korea and includes 15 facilities that supply industrial gas products to clients in the semiconductor, petrochemical, and steel production industries. The industrial gas products include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. 

To complete this time-sensitive project, The APP Group conducted a full commercial and technical due diligence on the ground in Korea, including facility inspections, to assess the vendor’s project delivery capability, project performance, governance, financial performance and risk profile. 

Our in-depth and actionable advice allowed our client to approach the opportunity with comfort and insight regarding any future liabilities.   

South Korea
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Active since 2023
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