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Advocating on behalf of a large group of landowners for commercially sound planning and development outcomes, balancing competing needs and interests.
Showground Precinct Land Owners
Castle Hill, NSW

Valuable rezoning opportunity

The area around Showground Station, Castle Hill, is one of eight precincts identified for significant growth along the Sydney Metro rail corridor. To facilitate this growth, the NSW Government is championing the rezoning process of the Showground Road Precinct.

Commercially sound planning

APP was engaged by a group of 40 landowners to represent their interests and advocate for commercially sound planning and development outcomes for the precinct.

This grew into a group of 112 landowners, united in seeking improved development outcomes for the precinct.

Balancing competing interests

Due to the quality of our initial submission, APP was engaged for a further submission on behalf of 83 landowners. The objective was to review and respond to the NSW Government’s precinct proposal.

This submission was especially challenging due to the size of the client group and multiple competing interests.


APP successfully produced a professional and insightful piece of planning and property work, which was received favourably by land owners.

In my opinion, APP have been able to seize the opportunity, provide professional and insightful advice and produce a document that is considered and easily understood by the target audience. Thanks to all those involved at APP and let's hope the collective hard work of residents and yourselves results in a favourable outcome.


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