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Melbourne Water
Melbourne, VIC

Land use strategy

The Kalkallo Retarding Basin is one of Melbourne Water’s land holdings. It is located in Melbourne’s northern growth corridor, within a precinct that has been identified for significant residential and commercial growth in the coming years.

It is surrounded by precinct structure plans for the regions of Merrifield West, Lockerbie, Mickleham Town Centre and the Merrifield Central Employment Area.

Melbourne Water were required to make an informed decision for the basin, regarding:

  • Their obligations as a drainage authority,
  • Potential future use, and
  • Value of surplus land.

Identifying best-use options

Melbourne Water appointed APP to help develop a land use strategy, to identify the highest value and best use options for the basin.

Our planners engaged a number of sub-consultants to provide input on:

  • Cultural and European heritage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Economic development opportunities
  • Engineering cost estimates
  • Catchment drainage assessment.

APP worked closely with Melbourne Water and the sub-consultants to gain an understanding of the site’s opportunities and constraints within the context of:

  • Imminent surrounding development
  • The probable establishment of the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road (OMRR) to the north-west.


Employing our expertise in strategic planning and feasibility studies, we developed a land use strategy that balanced the three major considerations:

  • The catchment management and financial productivity obligations of Melbourne Water
  • Anticipated future development
  • The open space expectations of developers, Council and the MPA.

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