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ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Melbourne Docklands, Victoria

A global leader in workplace design

ANZ is a leader in contemporary workplace design. The recent decision to consolidate its staff from separate CBD locations into one campus provided ANZ with the ideal opportunity to incorporate best practice design into the new space. Options for innovative facilities included a diversity of work points, wellness areas and state of the art technology. On a practical level, the company could also divest its ageing 100 Queen Street asset.

Long term partner, Lendlease, gave ANZ the option to take out a lease as the anchor tenant of the last commercial office building in Victoria Harbour at Docklands. Ideally placed, the building is adjacent to ANZ’s Docklands Global Head Office.

ANZ had previously chosen APP to represent the company’s interests for the Docklands HQ project. Based on the success of the Docklands, ANZ immediately engaged APP’s expertise on its latest project.

Expert negotiators

APP specialists assisted with the negotiations of the Agreement for Lease (AfL) on ANZ’s behalf. Swift action was needed to avoid penalties, which meant taking the unusual step of signing an agreement before having a detailed design brief in place. Understanding the challenge, APP proposed and initiated the benchmarking of similar quality commercial fit-outs, which would suit ANZ’s aspirations. APP also split the tenancy into four leases to allow future staged contracts, including two alternatives for connecting to the existing headquarters, sunset mechanisms and developer obligations.

Our engagement extended into the administration of the AfL. Working with the tenant and base building consultant teams, APP scoped building modifications in line with the construction program.

The additional inclusions to the AfL were underpinned by our rigorous program analysis, base building assessments by ANZ’s consultants, milestone dates for base building modifications, and technical drafting to future-proof design decisions.

Designing an agile workplace

In conjunction with HASSELL Studio, APP strategists facilitated aspirational briefings and master planning sessions with key stakeholders. The collaborative process defined how the new building would integrate with the campus environment and how it would function next to the existing headquarters. 

APP experts worked closely with the tenant and base building design teams to negotiate modifications in line with AfL milestones. Simultaneously, APP managed the integrated fit-out design process, which included:

  • a complex review against the AfL
  • direct and iterative stakeholder engagement with the client organisation, and
  • close management of time, cost, and quality outcomes.

 Working within a tight program, APP managed risk by dividing the fit-out design into components, allowing the design team sufficient time to resolve each one before moving on.

Design flexibility was vital for adapting to the evolving requirements of ANZ’s workforce. By scenario-planning during the design phase, the team achieved the required flexibility.

Project management specialists

In the delivery phase, APP managed the 26,500m2 fit-out in a tight 16-week program using reconfigurable furniture co-developed between ANZ and Zenith Interiors.

Despite the fully integrated fit-out, ANZ still had to comply with AfL obligations throughout construction. As part of the Project Control Group, APP regularly completed detailed reviews and building work inspections. 

Also, APP managed procurement for components aside from the fit-out and acted as superintendent for these works. Notably, ANZ retained the consultant team rather than novating, so APP’s role as manager of consultant performance and cost control carried through to completion.

Identifying challenges and designing solutions

During construction, the business requirements of ANZ changed significantly from the initial AfL, requiring a redesign while building construction was underway. Again, APP represented ANZ to negotiate a new component of the contract.

Due to the high number of stakeholders, preparing the building for operational readiness was a complicated process. APP assisted ANZ by embedding a specialist programmer into the business to manage the transition. APP also created an interactive program which optimised scheduling and resourcing, allowing for easy commercial negotiations with suppliers.

Designing solutions for the future

Anticipating an evolution in work practices in future, APP collaborated with ANZ to analyse the potential for increased headcount and alternative work settings. By analysing the key metrics of the fit-out against the base building capacity, our experts assessed the opportunities available for future modifications.

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