The APP Group receives sector-first carbon neutral certification for end-to-end services

11 March 2024

The APP Group is pleased to announce it is the first property and infrastructure consultancy to have its end-to-end service offering certified as carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active program. 

Climate Active is the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification available in Australia. Meeting the Climate Active carbon neutral standard means that The APP Group’s carbon neutral status is based on best practice, international standards and genuine emissions reduction. 

The APP Group is already a Climate Active certified carbon neutral organisation for its business operations.

Attaining carbon neutral certification for its end-to-end service offering means that The APP Group can now bring to market end-to-end services that do not impact the carbon accounts of its clients. This means that clients of The APP Group now have the unique ability to reduce their overall carbon footprints with every dollar they spend. 

Group Executive Marketing, Ben Hughes, shared, “To achieve Climate Active certification, The APP Group has measured its organisational and service-related carbon footprint, committed to reducing this footprint, and offset all residual emissions so that overall carbon emissions are equal to net zero. To offset residual emissions, The APP Group has invested in two offset projects designed to reduce, remove and capture emissions from the atmosphere.” 

The Oriners and Sefton project is a savanna burning project located in the western Cape York Peninsula in the Mitchell River basin. Greenhouse gases emitted from savanna fires make up 3 per cent of Australia’s total emissions. Savanna burning projects undertaken by Traditional Owners and Aboriginal rangers reduce emissions by undertaking cool, lower intensity fires in the early dry season when the vegetation still contains some moisture from the wet season.

The Ghani Solar Renewable Power project in Andhra Pradesh, India, contributes to social well-being by promoting decent work opportunities during construction and operation phases, including roads and infrastructure. The project utilises best in class technology and drives further economic benefits to the region. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the project effectively avoids sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and particulate pollution to benefit the health of local people.

The APP Group is committed to making a positive social impact in the world, through the connections we make, delivering the places and spaces people use each day.

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