Property and Infrastructure Specialists

APP offers advisory services for urban and property projects from the commencement of the development cycle through to delivery. Our opportunity to add greatest value for projects is during the strategic phase, when a client is looking to make a change to a property or business asset as a result of a business imperative.

We work closely with government agencies, landowners and broader stakeholders to realise commercially viable outcomes for property assets in greenfield and brownfield environments.

Clients with an existing asset

We offer highest and best use analysis, together with due diligence and feasibility studies for a single asset or across a portfolio, to realise the maximum value for a project or asset. Following this analysis we work with our client to generate a strategy for optimizing their asset and then develop a brief which will deliver the agreed strategy.

Our clients range across the public and private sectors, from large corporations with multiple national assets, to local landowners with property in an urban renewal precinct or close to significant infrastructure.

Clients looking for a new asset

We also identify, evaluate and manage the acquisition of a new asset on behalf of developers looking to expand their portfolio. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our strategic and statutory planning team, we can identify sites with the highest strategic merit that also match the client’s needs and objectives.

Preliminary due diligence and assessment of potential sites considers appropriate market price, development potential, yield, market acceptance and suitable mix, size and type. From this assessment we develop potential scenarios based on anticipated planning outcomes, while engaging specialist consultants to advise on constraints which effect the developable footprint, such as ecological, bushfire, flooding, traffic and access.

The next phase is to determine the acquisition strategy and we can manage the transaction process on behalf of the client to purchase the asset. We also assist in grouping landowners together to establish a working agreement.

Associated Services

  • Strategic & Statutory Planning
  • Transaction Strategy & Management
  • Site Identification
  • Due diligence and feasibility
  • Land assembly and amalgamation
  • Development Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management

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