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APP offers a range of project management services including construction management, client representation, superintendence, rezoning, procurement, planning and supervision services. Our services are flexible and can be adapted to deliver any form of project within the urban development, construction, infrastructure, verification, safety or building service sectors. We can also step in to undertake distressed project recovery and offer Program Management Office (PMO) services.

APP delivers these project management services across all phases of the asset lifecycle of strategy, definition, delivery and transition to operation or divestment. We bring a disciplined and structured approach through the application of fundamental Project Management principles.

Project Management Services in Australia

Successful delivery of your project requires experience, skill, and expertise. APP’s project management services are provided by teams of project management professionals with industry experience in construction management, client representation, program management, superintendence, rezoning, planning, procurement and other project management related services.

We work with clients all over Australia to successfully deliver both large and small projects. Our highly skilled teams consist of niche experts, experienced in a multitude of sectors to deliver your project.

What We Do

APP provides an extensive range of project management services across Australia for clients in a variety of project sectors including: Aged Care, Commercial, Defence, Education, Government, Health, Hospitality, Logistics & Industrial, Recreation, Residential, Retail, Transport and Utilities.

Our goal is to make it easy for our clients – we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you’re fully engaged to explore ideas and make informed decisions. Our cooperative and team-based philosophy, absolute client focus and commitment to delivery where there are a variety of parties and stakeholders with competing interests, is what sets us apart and is our recipe for the continual successful delivery of our clients projects.

Some of the different ways APP provides project management and associated services are outlined as follows:

  • Project Management services on a secondment basis to assist clients with the preparation of business cases, preparation of funding models, project planning, design coordination and delivery of capital works projects.
  • Acting as the Client Representative, we negotiate lease agreements on behalf of the client, provide management of AV installations, commissioning and training of building systems, management of works post practical completion and management of defects and outstanding works.
  • Project management of all aspects of the design and construction phases of a project, including management of consultant teams and construction contractors.
  • Contract management and contract administration services during the design and construction phases of a project.
  • Superintendence services during the construction phase of a project. Expertise in administering AS2124-1992, AS4300 and AS4000 contracts.
  • Independent Verification and Independent Certification services to ensure the design and construction is carried out in accordance with the D&C Contract requirements. This includes the D&C Contract’s specifications, applicable Australian standards and project specific requirements.
  • Tender management and detailed tender assessment using APP’s detailed procedures that examines tenders thoroughly to ensure ambiguities and non-compliance matters are identified and addressed during the tender clarification process and resolved prior to awarding the Contract.
  • Preparation of Contract Documents and managing the execution of supplier and Head Contracts.
  • Cost management services that track costs against the budget during the design and construction phases of a project using APP’s sophisticated Project/Cost Management software.
  • Development of the most appropriate procurement strategy to meet our clients’ needs, risk thresholds and delivery requirements, and a procurement recommendation for suppliers or Head Contractor.
  • Effective Scope Management protocols are based on our collaborative approach in confirming the scope allows us to work within the boundaries, whilst our rigorous procedures for managing scope change inform decision-making when determining the merits of proposed changes to scope.
  • Our well-established program and scheduling techniques identify key milestones and project interdependencies to manage risks in achieving target completion dates. We define the advantages a program offers, enabling our clients to choose a direction or scope with measurable outcomes and benefits in mind.
  • Detailed Value Management strategies for cost management purposes.
  • Risk Management services identify project risks and issues in a collaborative manner with the project team and strategies to mitigate these risks or issues are prepared. Each project has its own unique set of risks that APP identifies and mitigates.
  • Program Management services manage the delivery of complex and large-scale programs of work across a variety of sectors
  • Handover Plan and Operational Commissioning services safeguard the client’s interests and ensures the project is completed in accordance with the contract documentation.
  • Defects Management services prepares and implements a Defects Management protocol and performs defects management during construction and post Practical Completion of a project.

Project Management Services for Government Projects

APP provides project management services to all levels of Government acting as developers, owners and operators in assisting to deliver property and infrastructure outcomes designed to improve our communities.

APP is recognised in the construction industry as being one of the few organisations capable of managing a wide range of projects for Local, State and Federal Governments in Australia. We thoroughly understand the various Government processes and procedures that need to be adopted in the implementation of capital projects and our internal systems have been structured to complement these processes.

Our people are selected for their ability to provide our clients with the best industry advice to meet their needs, combined with the collaborative skills required to build and lead successful project teams. Our technical skills are matched with commercial acumen to deliver great project outcomes.

APP’s approach is based on a defined methodology that addresses the needs of the project from inception through to completion and handover, drawing on established tools and techniques to both plan and control the outcome. Central to this approach is an understanding of the need to identify and manage the risks inherent in the project.

Our extensive experience in the built industry enables us to interrogate the scope of works and ensure that all elements of works and risks are captured in the project brief to enable accurate budget setting by the government agency. We understand the levels of scrutiny placed on government projects and will ensure that appropriate probity measures are implemented.

APP has a long history of delivering high profile, complex projects in multiple stakeholder environments. We acutely understand the sensitivities required to manage these projects where competing needs must be balanced to achieve a successful outcome.

APP has a comprehensive working knowledge of Government processes and procedures and understand the importance of liaising with all relevant departments at the appropriate levels. We will establish a robust project structure so all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the project vision and direction from beginning and throughout the course of the project.

APP consistently draws on our extensive project management experience to identify tangible cost and program savings through considered interrogation of both procurement modalities and value management.

Case Studies

Project Management Services in Healthcare Facility Projects

APP provides integrated services across the full project lifecycle – from health planning and project strategy, through to delivery management and operational commissioning.

We take a pragmatic, flexible approach to the management and delivery of long-term projects, adapting objectives, systems and methodology in response to developments in technology, best practice and stakeholder requirements. We operate in accordance with our Business Management System, externally certified in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016.

Working collaboratively with other consultants and stakeholders, we facilitate a design and built form which supports the relevant model of care and is feasible within the project constraints of time, quality and cost.

APP applies practical experience in health facility planning to assist our clients in overcoming key challenges, such as achieving the design and room size requirements recommended by the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines, within the constraints of existing built infrastructure.  

Around the globe the demand for healthcare is increasing as a result of an ageing society, population growth, a rise in lifestyle related diseases and the emergence of a middle class in the developing world. These pressures are challenging governments and local health authorities and are resulting in expenditures that are unsustainable.

APP integrates teams to deliver innovative healthcare solutions across the entire healthcare spectrum to provide a range of services from strategy and definition, program and project management through to operational readiness and transitioning. At a local level we are already seeing these trends influence the design of health care facilities including an increased consideration of:

  • aged and bariatric patients’ needs in the design of clinical environments;
  • improved patient experience and empowerment through the design of built environments to support patients having more control over where and how they receive their care;
  • implementing evidenced-based design to increase the number of single rooms to improve infection control, appropriate placement and selection of sinks and taps to increase hand-washing and focusing on reducing noise and enhancing lighting;
  • adopting strong co-design processes to engage patients, hospital personnel and clinicians fully in the design process

APP has the experience to comfortably assemble and manage multi-disciplinary teams and we are adept at coordinating and managing complex stakeholder arrangements. We have the expertise to understand how a Model of Care for Services is developed and converted into a robust Functional Brief. This includes a considered approach to working within ‘live’ operating environments to ensure continuity of business and operational functions.

Case Studies

Project Management Services in Education

APP provides strategic, design and project management services to private and public organisations within the education sector, including early childhood learning facilities, primary and secondary schools, public and private tertiary institutions plus integrated learning, research and commercialisation precincts.

More broadly, our education experience spans major capital works and refurbishments for childcare and early childhood facilities, primary and secondary schools.

APP’s cross-sector (mixed-use) delivery capabilities can bring significant benefit to our education clients - the conversion and construction of key campuses into mixed-use estates offering health, residential and retail facilities is bringing a new level of complexity to facilities.

APP’s successful outcomes in the project management of education projects relies on the active management and engagement of multiple stakeholders and the ability to effectively communicate with all parties.

We understand the need for existing services to remain operational throughout to avoid disruption to teaching and research, and potential loss of reputation. APP has a wealth of experience working in time-critical, heavily serviced live environments and is well-versed in minimising impacts to day-to-day operations.

APP assists our education clients with land-use strategies including sourcing, purchase and divestment. Often the focus is on delivering the best possible educational outcome for the funding available. APP’s strategic advice helps clients to overcome their core challenges to deliver sustainable assets that balance the needs of all stakeholder groups.

Case Studies


What are the stages of project management?

There are five phases or stages that any project goes through to ensure success. These are:

  • Conception and initiation - this is the start of the project where it is conceptualised and defined broadly. Feasibility studies are done, investors are notified, and once the green light is given the project heads on to the second stage.
  • Project definition and planning - this is a key stage in which the project receives a technical definition including the scope, goals, milestones, and work schedule. This is also the point where comprehensive risk management is done.
  • Project launch and execution - the project is now executed according to plan and delivered as it is completed. Teams are assigned resources and goals, a schedule and tracking strategy are set up, and the tangible aspects of the project get underway.
  • Performance tracking and control - as the project goes on, continuous monitoring of project deliverables take place to ensure consistent quality. The project is measured against the initial goals as stated in the planning
  • Project closing - Once the project is complete, it is handed over to the client upon satisfaction of all its goals. Commissioning is usually done, and the project team remains on deck to ensure smooth handover.

What does a project management company do in Australia do?

A project management company takes over the technical and hands-on details of carrying out a project. Its role is to deal with the day-to-day budget, staff, quality, risk, and other management work involved and ultimately deliver the complete project.

What is a project management consultancy? 

A project management consulting company provides external advice and expertise for a client undertaking a major project. Usually, many industrial or commercial projects require a lot of experience to carry out successfully, which expertise the client may lack. Project management consultancy helps deliver the project for the client at a fee while ensuring success.

What project management skills are required in a project manager? 

Project management demands a professionally trained and experienced project management specialist. Because the success of the project rests almost solely on them, the project manager must exhibit stellar communication skills, knowledge of the industry, resourcefulness, organisational skills, all combined with a healthy smattering of personal motivation and charisma.

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