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Where a client has a portfolio of assets or a range of capital works projects to be scoped and delivered, a Program Management Office (PMO) can provide an effective way to increase transparency, reporting and consistency and provide the appropriate management framework to provide a successful outcome for the business.

Some typical attributes of a PMO may include:

  • providing a common, integrated framework and set of Program/Project management processes;
  • translating existing and new capital works strategies and initiatives into discreet related projects;
  • reinforcing and upgrading the existing procedures and processes within the organisation; and
  • implementing changes in a coordinated manner in order to realise benefits from improved capital works management policies, procedures and processes that would not otherwise be possible.

Other PMO elements may include: 

  • A Program Charter. 
  • Stakeholder analysis. 
  • Communications Plan. 
  • Development of supporting plans. 
  • Project & Workstream Briefs.  
  • Continuing identification of resources.

Associated services

  • Project Management
  • Project Directorship

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