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Preparing a facility and staff for commencement of operation typically includes a series of programmed tasks to be undertaken and validated prior to commissioning, to ensure daily work processes and procedures are complete, robust and can support the facility’s intended use. This includes equipping and familiarising the staff with how the facility is designed to operate.

Initiation of early planning, programming and establishment of Governance structures and key principles should occur at commencement of the project rather than during construction, so that the outcomes will actually support the transition into Operational Commissioning. APP commenced planning for the operational commissioning of the Gold Coast University Hospital 2 years prior to launch date, taking into account the relocation of patients from the existing hospital as well as medical facilities and equipment.

We recognise that early planning also allows for flexibility to accommodate change. As the process towards Commissioning commences these tasks must remain separate to the business as usual delivery of the construction phase.

The scope of Operational Commissioning will largely be determined by the project, its governance, size, nature and complexity. Success is demonstrated by aligning design, documentation and delivery with the Client’s expectation together with the requirements for operationalising the facility.

Associated services

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Building Readiness (Facility)
  • Service Readiness (Staff / Operations)
  • Implementation
  • Validation
  • Relocation
  • Ongoing Operation

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