Property and Infrastructure Specialists

The primary function of APP’s independent assurance services is to act as an Independent Reviewer / Certifier and, where applicable, as Financiers Certifier.

On major infrastructure and heavy engineering projects these two roles are becoming increasingly necessary as complex financial arrangements are structured to secure a project’s tenure. Given the risks inherent in such large scale ventures, it is imperative that clients have an independent, rigorous reporting structure in place – and APP can provide one.

On major building projects, Independent Certifiers are also being used more often, for similar reasons. Having an Independent Certifier on board is a less adversarial way of resolving disputes, particularly between joint-venture partners or owners/developers and tenants.

Associated services

  • Audit Services
  • Financier’s Engineer/Representative
  • Independent Technical Engineer
  • Independent Verification
  • Cost Certification & Advice
  • Design Review/Certification
  • Review Operations & Maintenance
  • Program Analysis

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