Property and Infrastructure Specialists

APP has a proven track record in providing Financier’s Engineer/Representative services for major infrastructure projects. Typical Services that we provide as a Financiers Engineer include:

  • Discharge the functions as contemplated by Syndicated Facilities Agreement.
  • Recommend appropriate contingency allowances.
  • Review information provided by the Borrower based on the Progress Certificate to support a withdrawal notice.
  • Reviewing the Cost to Complete requirements.
  • Comment on the progress of construction such that it can be reasonably expected that Completion will occur by its Target Date.
  • Confirming our satisfaction with the accuracy and completeness of monthly construction reports.
  • Providing advice in relation to sufficiency of the Maintenance and Repair Reserve Accounts.
  • Provide advice to the Agent concerning whether an Event of Default under the D&C contract can be cured within any applicable time period.
  • Provide advice to the Agent concerning any reduction, delay or set off of a payment of liquidated damages or settlement of any other claims the D&C Contractor, the PPP Cos, etc.
  • Request and receive information from the O&M Contractor relating to the O&M Contractor’s work under the O&M Contract which the Agent or the Financier’s Engineer reasonably requests.
  • Comment on, cost claims arising from variations (including the undertaking of additional works) or any other event allowing for an increase in costs.
  • Advise and keep the Agent informed of any Projects issues that may affect the funding tests contained in the conditions precedent.
  • Confirm that relevant and required insurances are maintained during currency of the D&C Contract.
  • Provide commentary on any industrial relations issues, or any other disputes and the likely effect on construction and means of resolution in process or intended.
  • Provide commentary on the progress of potential or actual disputes between the Client and the D&C Contractor or the State and notify the Agent of any developments and risks associated with such disputes.
  • Provide advice in relation to the identification of Defects.
  • Provide commentary on any change of material subcontractors.
  • When required, commentary that the relevant D&C Bonds and other bank security can be reduced or released.
  • Comment on the contents of any Modification Proposal or Modification Notice.
  • Commentary on any Force Majeure Event(s), the likely impact on the Projects program and any costs implications.
  • Commentary regarding any extension of time events.
  • Confirm that the remaining D&C Bonds are to be released following sign off that Defects have been satisfactorily rectified and verify that any Defects have been repaired.

Associated services

  • Audit Services
  • Independent Certifier
  • Independent Technical Engineer
  • Independent Verification
  • Cost Certification & Advice
  • Design Review/Certification
  • Review O&M
  • Program Analysis

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