Property and Infrastructure Specialists

APP offers diverse skills nationally in the delivery of services relating to all aspects of the land development cycle, beginning with land development feasibility studies to rapidly identify site risks and opportunities. Understanding the risks allows us to engage specialist consultants to analyse all prospective issues for a site, and determine if the site can adequately meet the client’s needs, timeframes and development paths.

We work with the client to determine forecast revenue streams and manage the production of either high level or detailed cost plans. Once cost and revenue streams are determined, we run the forecast feasibility through either a static or time-dependent feasibility model to assist in financial analysis of the site. This is followed by scenario-testing the sensitivity of the input parameters in order to determine the level of uplift in value and maximise the client’s understanding of the site and its potential.

Associated services

  • Planning
  • Due Diligence
  • Development Management Services
  • Project Management
  • Sub Consultant management
  • Tendering and Contracts
  • Agency Negotiations
  • Land Delivery Services
  • Superintendency

Working for over 500 clients across more than 800 projects annually - these are some of the examples of what we do.

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