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The best way to ensure your business is still up and running after disaster strikes is to design and implement a sound Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework.

BCM is a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation, provides a framework for building resilience and long-term performance, and also enables the capability for an effective response.

BCM is driven by the unique business needs, risk tolerance and regulatory compliance requirements of each company. BCM is now seen as an essential aspect of risk management, corporate governance and quality management. It is not a costly planning process, but a key value added improvement process firmly integrated within risk management.

Business continuity must be ensured, the more so as it is now closely linked to regulatory compliance with a number of industry regulations now including business continuity or disaster recovery requirements. Maintaining certain certifications and regulatory compliance is also necessary to obtain needed permits in many industries. Last but not least, shareholders require that appropriate risk and business continuity management practices be implemented.

Business Continuity involves:

  • Defining your vision and ambition for business continuity
  • Facilitating the development of your business continuity strategy
  • Developing continuity plans for your chosen strategy
  • Designing communication, testing and training plans for your BCM framework
  • Strategic change management coaching and support

Associated services

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Advisory Services

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