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The Business Case is a blueprint on “how” to address a business need, having considered the requirements, constraints, options, costs and stakeholder priorities. It must make the case for funding, by establishing a logical argument that clearly demonstrates that the solution/s is necessary now and how the benefits outweigh the economic costs of the proposal over its life.

At the same time, the business case must contain sufficient detail for the sponsor to be held accountable for delivery. It must demonstrate:

  • alignment with the strategic objectives of the organisation/agency;
  • exactly what will be delivered, by when and the critical success factors;
  • the organisation/agency is capable of delivering the project;
  • the project has economic value and is financially feasible and sustainable;
  • strong stakeholder support and sound governance structures are in place; and
  • the proposed solution is technically sound.

In Government, social and policy dimensions are just as important as value-for-money. A key consideration for any Government project includes the responsible use of resources, transparency, disclosures, probity, protecting the public interest and achieving value-for-money.

APP is assisting clients such as NSW Health, WA Police, Westpac and Defence with developing business cases for their strategic initiatives. They recognise that we have the commercial and business acumen to understand, interrogate, explore and provide options on how to best address their particular business need. These needs range from a facility expansion to workplace changes to developing new revenue streams and then integrating them into the clients’ future asset and business functions.

Associated services

  • Feasibility Services
  • Risk and Value Management facilitation
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Programming

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