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Maximising an asset’s value from conception through to disposal and understanding how it contributes to the budget and bottom line, is an essential but often neglected component of an organisation’s integrated management system.

Asset Management enables an organisation to optimise assets for maximum return, by examining performance and relevance at every stage of their lifecycle. This may start with the conception of the need for the asset, through to its disposal, and includes the managing of any potential post disposal liabilities. Effective management of an asset portfolio also requires consideration of the myriad options for creating value.

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An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organisation. The value will vary between different organisations and their stakeholders, and can be tangible or intangible, financial or non-financial.

Asset Management System

Why choose APP?

APP has an extensive history in supporting our clients with Asset, Program and Project Management Services. We can identify and evaluate opportunities to maximise an asset’s value across its lifecycle. We also recognise that this value will be different for every client, depending on their business and industry. We can work with you to develop strategies, policies and procedures, procurement and operational practices that link to your long-term growth and business plans. We’ll help you on the planning, operation, maintenance and longterm replacement decision matrix that best suits your business.

Our diverse technical skills spanning property and infrastructure, gives us:

  • A thorough understanding of integrated management systems and the critical links to the development of a Strategic Asset management Plan and the eventual creation of Asset Management Plans;
  • Current experience within government facilitating wholescale change through asset management objectives;
  • A reputation of having developed and implemented large scale change initiatives to improve asset management and realised substantial savings.

Our services in Asset Management


We help businesses develop and adapt current approaches to improve the way they manage and think about their assets to minimise risks and maximise value.

Asset Strategy

We help organisations develop a robust approach to how they manage their assets in line with their business objectives, so their decisions help improves the value of their assets and support service delivery needs.

Portfolio Strategy

We help business identify opportunities within their assets by assessing underlying land value and potential for redevelopment in accordance with the client drivers.

Maintenance Approaches

We assist organisations to develop maintenance strategies that manage and prioritise risks, quantify and budget costs and ensure the physical assets continues to support service delivery needs.


We help organisations identify and implement approaches to improve operational and capital expenditure associated with asset management.


Auditing: Like any other system that is measured for compliance against a standard, annual compliance audits are something that we can support organisations with.

Key Asset Management Staff

Roger Ingram

Roger Ingram

For 30 years, Roger has focused on the utility sector and large infrastructure assets. He has led major projects in road and motorway networks, high-pressure gas assets, dams, and power networks. He spearheaded the Sydney gas network’s rehabilitation and managed a $3.2 billion GFC stimulus package for the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC). Contact Roger

Brett Hocking

Brett Hocking

Brett has 25 years’ experience in managing projects across all sectors, including the USA and Canada. He’s an expert in project strategy, design and delivery, operational and financial management and service delivery. He focuses on strategic planning and bespoke solutions for major programs of work. Contact Brett

Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Paul has demonstrated expertise in developing robust management frameworks and creating positive stakeholder relationships to deliver largescale complex programs from feasibility to operation. He has managed transformational projects in the delivery of asset services and portfolios outcomes. Contact Paul

Chris Aspen

Chris Aspen

Chris has 14 years’ experience across strategic asset planning and project delivery, together with a thorough understanding of the asset lifecycle. He has led and developed SAMPS, AMPs and associated documentation, working collaboratively with multifaceted stakeholders.  Chris is a certified BSi accredited Lead Auditor and has led audits, health checks and reviews. Contact Chris

Chris Dickson

Chris Dickson

Chris has wide industry experience across sectors, geographies and countries including regional government, mining and retail projects throughout Australia and Asia. He’s worked on infrastructure and Government projects in WA and managed a national fitout campaign for a global commercial real estate company. Contact Chris

Mike Zhai

Mike Zhai

Mike specialises in civil and electrical projects, data analytics, system integration and asset management strategies. He set up an Asset Management Framework to achieve attestation to NSW Treasury Asset Management Policy (TPP19-07) for a $6.2B government cultural asset in Sydney and also worked on the development of a world-first digital twin. Contact Mike

Associated Services

Asset Data Validation

Asset Performance

Asset Maintenance Plans


Due Diligence

Facilities Management

Property Acquisition and Disposal


Risk Management

Service Standards

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