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Providing expert independent certification services on the NorthConnex road tunnel project to verify the D&C contractor meets contract requirements.
M7 Westlink Shareholders, Transurban, RMS and contractor Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture
Sydney, NSW

Expanding Sydney’s transport network

The NSW Government is expanding Sydney’s metropolitan transport network across light rail, rail and road. Construction commenced in February 2016 and on completion in 2019, the tunnels will link the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at the Pennant Hills Road interchange at West Pennant Hills.  A further widening of the M2 westbound will allow efficient merging of traffic from the tunnel and Pennant Hills Road onto the M2. The NorthConnex M2 project comprises:

  • 9km tolled twin tunnels
  • Southern and Northern interchanges
  • Ventilation stations
  • A Motorway Control Centre
  • Toll collection infrastructure
  • Widening of the existing M2

Environmental Benefits

NorthConnex will take around 5,000 trucks a day off Pennant Hills Road and improve air quality along this road by up to 38 per cent, according to predictions under air quality modelling. Removing heavy vehicles on Pennant Hills Road is expected to reduce the accident rate by up to five times.

Extensive verification expertise

As with all large, complex heavy infrastructure projects, the project sponsors, Transurban and the NSW Government require the appropriate level of assurance that construction is being carried out in accordance with the contract.  

As Independent Certifier, APP in association with Arcadis and McMillen Jacobs Associates verifies and certifies that the design and construction of the tunnels, associated infrastructure and M2 Integration works are being designed and built according to the contract documentation. The role also includes verification of payment claims and program review.

Our experience means we can add value by assisting the contractor and stakeholders to resolve in advance any design, construction or quality issues that may otherwise impact the successful delivery or ongoing operation and maintenance of the project. We take a proactive approach in our role as the Independent Certifier.

The business drivers for RMS, Transurban and the contractor Lend Lease Bouygues JV are diverse:

  • RMS, as the Government’s entity for political and contractual commitments, will own the delivered asset and its design life of 100 years;
  • Transurban will operate the asset for a concession period of the first 30 years, collecting tolls to provide a return for shareholders on their financial investment in the project;
  • The contractor must deliver tunnel and road infrastructure which meets the quality requirements of the project deed within a project budget and timeframe and enable a profit to be earned.

It’s critical that APP remains independent in the verification of compliance with the project deed requirements to provide a level of certainty for these stakeholders.


In May 2018, the M2 Integration project was completed a month ahead of schedule, adding an additional westbound lane between the planned NorthConnex tunnel exit to the M2 near Pennant Hills Road and the M2 junction with Windsor Road.

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