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Providing expert support from strategy to delivery on this major development, delivering 1,400 hectares of industrial land and 10,000 jobs.
Cockburn/Kwinana, WA

Visionary development generating 10,000 jobs

The Latitude 32 Industrial Zone covers more than 1,400 hectares in Perth’s expanding south-west corridor. It is one of Western Australia’s most significant developments and is expected to provide around 10,000 jobs over the next 30 years.  

LandCorp was engaged by the WA State Government to lead the planning and implementation for the area, under The Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Act.

Expert support from inception to delivery

The project required long-term strategic planning, balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders including landowners and the community.

LandCorp appointed APP in 2001 because they needed the support of a consultant who could commercially interpret their strategy, clearly define the project scope and assist in the strategy’s delivery.

The APP team have delivered a number of projects for Latitude 32, including the initial master plan; township closure strategy; and the implementation plan for three planning areas (including Wattleup town site), incorporating:

  • A servicing strategy
  • Development costs
  • Delivery programme
  • Action plan to deliver the areas to market

We have also prepared a development contribution plan framework for the entire project area. This involved a review of schemes across Australia to determine best practice, commercial viability and financial plans. To achieve this, we managed a large consultant team and ensured community and stakeholder buy-in for the programme.


There have been numerous challenges to this project over many years. We have drawn upon our extensive experience in the management of complex land development projects to help resolve these, including:

  • Gaining community and landowner buy-in during the planning process by managing the design of a flexible subdivision layout and road network that allows for possible different future uses
  • Obtaining agreement on infrastructure design and delivery through active engagement with the stakeholders
  • Developing earthworks strategy to allow extraction of limestone and sand resources.

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