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Providing professional project management services across all stages of development for a premium-grade commercial office tower in Melbourne’s CBD.
Cbus Property/Charter Hall
Melbourne, VIC

Premium office tower in Melbourne’s CBD

Our client, a joint venture between Cbus Property and Charter Hall, aspired to create the first premium grade commercial office tower within the Melbourne CBD in 20 years. 

Following the commitment to the project by BHP Billiton, who would eventually occupy the building as anchor tenant, the development began in 2010, with the initial demolition of five existing buildings and a laneway to consolidate the site.


The project involved the development of a mixed-use building, combining:

  • multiple retail and commercial tenancies
  • creation of a stand-alone building incorporating the existing heritage façade.

The development would eventually need to incorporate multiple tenancies. This meant that tenancy works had to be partially or fully integrated, in parallel with the delivery of the base building to enable occupancy as early as possible.

All this had to be delivered within a tight, landlocked site and meet PCA Premium Grade and 6 Star Green Star requirements.

Professional project management

Our delivery services include:

  • Providing strategic input into the development of the master development programme, agreements for lease and the D&C Contract
  • Acting as landlord’s representative under all commercial agreements (multiple agreements for lease were in place across the project)
  • Monitoring and providing input into programme recovery strategies implemented by the contractor throughout the project
  • Managing legal and commercial agreements with neighbouring premises, in collaboration with contractor
  • Acting as superintendent overseeing the delivery of the base building by the contractor
  • Facilitating the completion of the design in accordance with the project brief and design benchmarks
  • Facilitating the successful delivery of multiple retail tenancies, acting as tenancy coordinator
  • Providing advice on tenancy integration strategies and ongoing administration of commercial agreements to accommodate these strategies
  • Providing advice and direction on the progression of the NABERs assessment throughout the initial 12-month monitoring period.


APP fulfilled a significant role in the successful delivery of the development and incorporation of the multiple tenants.

It came down to not only organisation, and their reputation for delivering quality projects, but the individuals who were going to be working on that particular project. APP from our perspective are tried and proven deliverers.

Andrew Pitchford

Executive Manager, Commercial Cbus Property

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