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Why data is the most powerful tool in the box

Data used to its full potential can improve processes, assure the delivery of a project at any stage, shed light on your risk profile, and generate genuine material metrics for the client. With the new risk profiling in NSW, clients want to know about previous projects and reputations.
Why data is the most powerful tool in the box

In the recent Procore Data Insights panel discussion, APP Executive Manager Brett Hocking, together with industry leaders Sonya Miller and David Graham, explored the role that data plays in providing information and delivering a good quality outcome within the timeframe allocated.

Brett shared insights into how APP Program’s team uses data-driven decision-making to save money and time for clients. When collected properly, data can be used effectively. Good data can identify real-time insights, and correct defects before they happen, in a way that hasn’t been previously possible. Historically, the construction industry has relied on qualitative findings to evaluate the success of a project and forecast the next. The use of data adds an invaluable and powerful layer of quantitative information that creates trackable metrics. With these metrics, baselines, benchmarks, and project value can be established and demonstrated. 

By way of example, APP worked with a compilation of asset management data for the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, using it to develop the delivery strategy for their Fire, Life and Safety, and Domestic and Family Violence programmes. To meet the logistical needs of the department, including the NSW Government procurement policy requirements, APP developed a program and service delivery plan based on separating the work into seven tranches and implementing a rolling schedule of documentation, tender and construction activity based around those tranches. Key to the strategy was the development of live dashboard reporting tools to track progress across the almost 120 sites in the courthouse, corrective services, and youth justice property portfolios.

“Data management systems are improving rapidly, and therefore, so is the importance of reporting,” says Brett. “Data mining will continue to reveal new trends and transform the construction industry. Taking this on is more than a system that a company implements. It’s a change management exercise that has enabled the extraction of vital information that produces superior results for the client.”

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