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Welcome to Samuil Angelkoski – Workplace Trainee in Wollongong

We welcome Samuil Angelkoski to our Wollongong office. Samuil has joined APP as part of the NSW Government Infrastructure Traineeship, a two-year program that enables school leavers to access Vocational Education and Training (VET) whilst completing a work placement in an office-based infrastructure role. Trainees will spend time in government, with a contractor and a consultant organisation to gain valuable exposure to the whole ecosystem, understanding the role of each party in the successful delivery of public infrastructure.
Welcome to Samuil Angelkoski – Workplace Trainee in Wollongong

Samuil is bilingual, being fluent in English and Macedonian. He’s passionate about the environment and was part of the Environment Group during school, to help improve sustainability within the school. He also has a passion for the construction industry and is looking forward to a mixture of workplace learning and hands on experience.

Samuil says: “This opportunity interests me as it provides a career path that will allow me to begin and develop my career growth as an individual whilst also allowing for diverse opportunities to learn a wide array of real tangible skills that I will need indefinitely in the future. I believe infrastructure is a dynamic and evolving industry vital to the success of the Australian economy and the progression of our society. I’m also keen to work actively in a team environment contributing to the success and smooth delivery of projects.”

The trainee program is managed by Apprenticeship Careers Australia (ACA), who recruited Samuil and other trainees and support them throughout to complete their qualification. The objective is to develop trainee workplace-specific skills, experience and knowledge so they are prepared for further study, whilst also creating a pipeline of skilled young people for further employment.

Kirk Bolte, APP’s manager of the Wollongong office, says: “We’re pleased to have Sam on board for the next 8 months and look forward to providing him with some exposure to the industry we all love. This is a fabulous initiative by TAFE NSW and more companies should get on board to support the next generation of aspiring property professionals.”

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