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A project manager’s most indispensable skill is not what you think

We’re proud to share a remarkably simple improvement in our project stakeholder communications that was developed and executed by Emmanuel Vasilou who joined APP only eight months ago.
A project manager’s most indispensable skill is not what you think

One of Emmanuel’s projects is a new hybrid theatre at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and whilst the terms of our engagement require a monthly project report, Emmanuel used his initiative to supplement this with a one-page weekly update, a copy of which is sent to all relevant project stakeholders.

“Clients can’t always make weekly site meetings, and often there are many stakeholders from the client’s side who need to know what’s going on but aren’t involved in the day-to-day communication,” he said. “This just keeps everyone in the loop.”

Emmanuel has also found that when client representatives are on leave, the weekly report helps to keep the communication channels flowing uninterrupted. “I had one stakeholder say to me she wished all her projects had this,” he said.

At APP we encourage our team to continue to improve every aspect of project delivery, including communication and reporting, to make sure we keep clients, suppliers and contractors as fully informed of what’s happening with their projects as reasonably possible. Sometimes, we find ourselves with a Project Manager, like Emmanuel, who shows the rest of us a thing or two in communication, and when we do, we like to pass it on to the rest of the team.

On one page, it updates construction status, EOT claims, specific staging notes, budget updates, construction and tracking issues with RFIs and includes a selection of photos relevant to works that week. Best of all, once the template is designed, it takes him no more than 30 minutes each week to update it. For the value it provides, that’s the best 30 minutes investment we can make and we are now looking to implement this across some of our other projects.