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NSW Planning System Acceleration Program and what this means for fast-tracked assessments

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Hon. Rob Stokes MP and the Treasurer of NSW Dominic Perottet today announced more detail regarding the fast-tracked assessments of Development Applications (DAs) and rezonings under Planning Proposals (PPs) as part of the NSW Planning System Acceleration Program.
NSW Planning System Acceleration Program and what this means for fast-tracked assessments

Specific, quantitative criteria has now been released to identify and progress projects for fast-tracked assessment with the intention to aid economic recovery and ensuring works are in the pipeline to facilitate this.

The three essential criteria for projects to qualify for fast-tracked assessment include:

  • Jobs – does the project create jobs during construction and beyond?
  • Timing – can a decision on the project be made quickly?
    • DAs – can the project commence within six months?
    • Planning proposals – can the project proceed to DA within six months?
  • Public benefit – can the project deliver or support public benefits (e.g. affordable housing or significant public space)?

Projects will be announced in tranches for fast-tracked assessment with decisions to be made within four weeks of the announcement.

The first tranche of projects are mostly Government-based. These have been identified as the quickest to progress through the system and include 24 projects in total including major projects and precinct rezonings (a full list is available for download at the link below).

It has also been announced that a dedicated team has been appointed within the Department to work through fast-tracked applications that are ‘stuck’ in the system. The team will assist with resolving any issues with other State agencies to determine the outcome of applications as quickly as possible.

Please contact me or anyone in APP’s planning team if you have any questions regarding today’s announcement and how we may be able to assist with the fast-tracking of your projects.