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Mental health: a continuing conversation

APP has had a long commitment to creating a workplace that promotes positive mental health. As part of APP’s ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’ program and Mental Health Month, our Human Resources team is delivering a series of health and wellbeing workshops.
Be Kind To Your Mind

Launched in 2019, the program is a nation-wide initiative across all APP branches to offer our people specific tools and resources for positive mental health at work including:

1. Team education through the Black Dog Institute and regular conversations with The Wellbeing Outfit.

2. Partnerships with two youth mental health non-for-profit organisations; batyr and Raise Foundation.

3. A comprehensive audit of the business to identify how we can better support our people.

4. New policies, tools and resources.

“Mental Health Month is a reminder about the importance of wellbeing in the workplace,” said APP’s National HR Manager, Leanne Doherty. “However, our aim is to shift perceptions around mental health, so this is an ongoing conversation that happens year-round. It’s encouraging to see that mental health is being more broadly discussed in the construction industry, and our priority is to ensure every employee feels supported to speak up and reach out should they need.”

Normalising conversations around mental health has been a key focus for our organisation. Managers are encouraged and equipped to connect with their team regularly to ensure connectivity remains strong. The internal audit of how people are doing has informed our action plan which includes a Resilience Builders course focusing on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, among other initiatives.

“It’s been a challenging time for many during COVID, with snap lockdowns and outbreaks, employees are constantly needing to adapt how, and in some cases, where they work,’ said Leanne. “Creating a mentally healthy workplace isn’t a box-ticking exercise, it’s an ongoing plan that needs to be constantly assessed and reviewed.”

For more information about the ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’ initiative, contact Leanne Doherty.

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