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Key Issues Raised in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Stage 1 LUIIP Summary Report

Last Friday the Western Sydney Planning Partnership finalised a ‘What We Heard’ Community Consultation Report following the August-November 2018 exhibition of the Stage 1 Land Use Infrastructure Implementation Plan (LUIIP) for the Aerotropolis.
Key Issues Raised in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Stage 1 LUIIP Summary Report

The Western Sydney Planning Partnership reviewed 600+ submissions and collated a summary report which provides an overview of the public engagement approach, identifies key themes and outlines next steps in progressing the planning for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

I’ve provided a few key summary points below from the report for consideration. For anyone with land or interests in the region it is worth understanding the key issues and next steps for the Planning Partnership (PP), please contact me or anyone in APP’s Urban Planning team for clarification.

Summary of Issues Raised in Submissions

South Creek Wianamatta Precinct

The South Creek Corridor was initially drawn to the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) line and shown as comprising open space and soft-urban uses that would interface with South Creek. The summary report has identified that it won’t commit to rezoning of these lands in the short term and that existing useage rights will be preserved. The PP is committed to exploring options for development opportunities within the corridor and the Western City Aerotropolis Authority (WCAA) are working with Infrastructure NSW to acquire lands heavily affected by 1:100 year flood levels in the corridor to convert for future infrastructure / open space purposes.

Agribusiness Precinct

Submissions raised concerns around an effective down-zoning of the precinct to the west of the Airport (the Agribusiness Precinct). The PP is committed to working closely with land owner groups and major land owners to deliver precinct masterplans with a broader range of uses to support the objectives of the precinct, including logistics and other agri-industrial activities.

Precinct Boundaries and Sequencing

Many of the submissions challenged the initial thinking around precinct boundaries and the first three master-planning precincts (the Aerotropolis Core, the Agribusiness Precinct and the Northern Gateway). The PP has committed to revisiting the sequencing of precinct masterplanning and release of zonings based on infrastructure delivery and coordination. A revised sequencing plan is due to be published in the Stage 2 LUIIP which will inform the initial rezonings in early 2020.

Airport Impacts

Concerns around residential and more sensitive land use interfaces were raised in submissions as well as issues associated with operations and bird strikes. These considerations will inform land use zoning decisions as part of the Stage 2 LUIIP.

Transport and Access

The location of main roads and rail corridors are of key interest and concern to many land owners, developers and investors in the precinct. Infrastructure NSW have all but locked in the future rail corridors which will be released in early 2020 together with the rezoning of the initial precincts. Major land owners in the Northern Gateway and Agribusiness Precincts are challenging the locations and design of proposed road infrastructure including the M12 Motorway link which is being reconsidered by the PP, WCAA and Infrastructure NSW.

Next Steps and Updates

The PP is responsible for delivering the Final Plan (Stage 2 LUIIP) and Precinct Plan for three initial precincts to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces (Hon. Rob Stokes) by the first quarter of 2020 (likely March-April).

The PP is considering the issues raised to inform the next stages of planning.

Stage 1 of the North-South Rail Line connecting Badgerys’s Creek North to St Marys is committed – the alignment will be affirmed in the final business case to be released in late 2019 / early 2020.

Stage 2 of the North-South Rail Line is ‘visionary’ at this stage with business casing anticipated around the opening of the Airport in 2026. Stage 2 will consider a future link to Leppington from Badgerys’s Creek North and/or to Campbelltown / Macarthur.

The boundaries of the initial 3 precincts – the Agribusiness, Aerotropolis Core and Northern Gateway may be subject to late changes - as well as the locations and parameters for land to be designated for key transport and utility service infrastructure corridors.

Next updates from WCAA and the PP anticipated in November / December 2019.