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Inspiring Young Leaders to Lead Bright Futures

Jasmin Yuke came to our office in late 2019, where she had gained an internship via Indigenous non-profit initiative, Career Trackers. Her heritage is to the Yuibera people from the coastal region of Mackay. She was born in Redcliffe and grew up in Albany Creek. Jasmin is now working as an Assistant PM at APP.
Inspiring Young Leaders to Lead Bright Futures

Jasmin shares the latest on her involvement with the CareerTrackers program.

Since my registration in April 2017, I have been a proud member of the CareerTrackers program. CareerTrackers is a national non-profit with the goal of creating pathways and support systems for young Indigenous adults to attend and graduate from university, gain industry experience and lead bright professional futures. 

Through this program I have been able to meet others from my community and increase my cultural knowledge. With the support from CareerTrackers and the Oodgeroo Unit at QUT, I am working with two other Indigenous professionals to create a blog and podcast series. The aim is to work with schools and universities to provide interactive platforms that will celebrate and discuss Australian Indigenous culture. I hope to collaborate with Indigenous entrepreneurs and brands throughout the series, as well as increase Indigenous engagement in corporate Australia. I believe by promoting Australian Indigenous cultures, we will improve cultural awareness and work towards closing the gap.

Jasmin is also using her knowledge and experience in Urban Development to explore ways in which Queensland’s transport system can be improved:

Another project I have been working on focuses on our public transport system. With a strong passion for the future sustainability of Australian cities, I’ve developed ideas as to how we can improve public transport to better meet the needs of our changing environment and create a more affordable way of travel. I hope to have the chance to pitch my idea to The Minister for Transport and Main Roads of Queensland, and one day manage my own urban development and transport proposal.

Well done, Jasmin!

You can connect with Jasmin here.