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Improving Thresholds for Curtin University

Improving Thresholds for Curtin University

APP has been engaged by Curtin University as Project Manager for the design and implementation of the Thresholds Project, following the success of the Vehicle Access Management Plan (VAMP) Project.

The Greater Curtin Master Plan identifies four University Thresholds which act as gateways into the University's Academic Neighbourhood. The Master Plan defines the Thresholds as familiar doorways into the heart of the University campus with a shared vehicular and pedestrian function. The Thresholds provide drop-off and taxi points which are close to the University core areas, as well as conveniently locating ACROD bays for students, staff and visitors with limited mobility.

Given the location and configuration of the four Thresholds, they are also designated “service points” for deliveries, collections and maintenance activities, and have been carefully considered to ensure each connects conveniently to the nearby Curtin precinct. The design of the Thresholds also control vehicle access identified onto the main campus (e.g. food trucks).

The University intends to further define the Thresholds in terms of function, arrangement and aesthetic in order to commence implementation.

The Project objectives are to:

  • Enhance safety and enjoyment of the pedestrian environment through restricting the use of vehicles within the Curtin University Academic Core;
  • Facilitate a pedestrian-centric approach through the creation of shared spaces which encourage change of mode;
  • Provide consistency in the functionality of each Threshold to ensure users have the same experience in each space;
  • Improve efficiency and accessibility to service areas, waste storage and loading areas ensuring business continuity;
  • Ensure each Threshold is universally accessible responding to the campuses undulating topography; and
  • Support the ongoing management and operations of the University as a world-class urban environment for study, work, research and entertainment.

The total project is estimated to cost around $17M, implemented in stages over the next four years. $1.5M is included in the Capital Works Program for business year 2017 and will allow for the design and partial construction of Thresholds A & C.