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Four stars out of 500 Women in Property for 2019

We’re pleased to announce four professionals from APP have been accepted into this year’s PCA 500 Women in Property program for 2019.
Four stars out of 500 Women in Property for 2019

Out of the 1,100 nominations Kimberley Seath, Tegwen Hunter, Samantha Quinney, and Sarah Mcilwraith have been accepted as participants, along with Project Director and Business Unit Leader Megan Macdonald, Project Director Peter Fraser, and Senior Project Manager Martha Peppas committing as a sponsors this year.

The 500 Women in Property program is a PCA diversity initiative that is working towards a significant and sustainable increase in women in leadership positions, a sentiment APP fully supports.

We wish all of our APP participants a fruitful year in the program and look forward to seeing their careers progress in their respective fields.

Tegwen Hunter, Assistant Project Manager - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Peter Fraser, Project Director - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

Tegwen has a strong passion for project management and completed a Graduate Certificate in Built Environment and Engineering. She is motivated, professional and skilled at building fantastic relationships with clients and key stakeholders in the property sector. Tegwen is also a member of the Queensland Property Council's Future Directions Committee.

Samantha Quinney, Executive Assistant - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Mia Bannister, National Business Development Manager - WG Architects

Sam stepped into the property industry three years ago following her previous career as a practicing solicitor. She sought a wider experience in the industry through business management and property consulting and is now an active and senior leader within the Queensland office, working with the business leaders on resourcing, financial management, operational issues, marketing and business development. Sam is a member of the Property Council's Diversity Committee and also an active board member of the Brisbane Airport Rotary Club.

Kimberley Seath, Project Manager - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Martha Peppas, Senior Project Manager - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

Kimberley joined APP in 2015 gaining valuable experience in the delivery of projects in the Health and Civic Infrastructure sectors. Her career to date has seen Kimberley work on the landmark Newcastle Courthouse for the Department of Justice, before relocating to Sydney for the Forensic Pathology and Coroner's Court (FPCC) project in Lidcombe, where she experienced the project lifecycle from design development to handover. Kimberley demonstrates an eagerness to contribute to and learn from all of the projects she works on and has recently relocated to Adelaide.

Sarah Mcilwraith, Project Manager - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

SPONSOR: Megan Macdonald, Project Director Business Unit Leader - APP Corporation Pty Ltd

Sarah joined APP in 2017 with a solid background managing projects in the education, commercial and information technology sectors and is consolidating her education sector experience, whilst developing expertise in other fields that have a positive impact on the community. Team-oriented and approachable, Sarah has excellent relationship and communication skills and is adept at stakeholder engagement and change management. She works well independently and is developing particular expertise in tendering, design management and project delivery. Sarah is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done and deliver great outcomes for her clients. She thrives in a busy, complex environment thanks to her resilience, flexibility and positive approach to meeting challenges.