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Design of new ANZ office fitout at 839 Collins St Delivered

Scott O’Reilly and Esther Reis from the APP Melbourne team recently oversaw a major milestone in the delivery of the ANZ office fitout design in the Lendlease development at 839 Collins St, Docklands.
Design of new ANZ office fitout at 839 Collins St Delivered

After an engagement stretching back to July 2016, where APP was instrumental in representing and advocating for ANZ in their negotiations with Lendlease for the Agreement for Lease (AfL), the fitout design culminated on 03 October 2017 with the formal election of fitout and transmission of the design to the Developer for integration into the construction program. Along the way the team has worked closely with HASSELL Studio (commercial architectural interiors), Norman Disney & Young (services engineering & acoustics), WT Partnership (cost planning), BG&E (structural advice), McKenzie Group (regulatory consultant), and Morris Goding Access Consulting to design the base building modifications and fitout for the 26,400m2 tenancy.

Starting from scratch after the AfL was executed, APP facilitated an aspirational briefing and masterplanning process involving several rounds of stakeholder engagement and design evolution. The base building offered under the AfL needed some upgrades to suit the fitout. Base building modifications were designed and negotiated into the building through a complex design review process involving both the Tenant and Base Building consultant teams. From there, the fitout was designed in a condensed 16-week program using a suite of flexible (reconfigurable) furniture and workstations co-developed between ANZ and Zenith Interiors. This represented a challenge to curate a design that was user-modifiable but inspirational and representative of ANZ’s New Way of Working, and also certifiable by a building surveyor.

Congratulations to Project Director Josh Taylor, Scott and Esther who have all contributed to assisting the client through this important stage. From here, Lendlease will incorporate the fitout into the construction ahead of Practical Completion in March 2019, and APP & ANZ will continue with further design work for the balance of the masterplan implementation across both the existing headquarters at 833 Collins St and the new building.

The nomination of the fitout design marks a turning point in APP’s service offering. The project is now maturing from Strategy and Definition into the Delivery phase, where APP will continue to manage and administer ANZ’s rights and responsibilities under the AfL during construction of the building.

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