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Cultural Awareness Training at APP

As part of APP’s progressive objectives on diversity and inclusion, all staff across Australia will be taking part in cultural awareness training. APP’s Victoria office was the first to take part, completing two-day training.
Cultural Awareness Training at APP

The intention of the training is to better understand the existing and potential barriers facing the Aboriginal Australian population with regards to employment. The session began by inviting attendees to ask questions about the Aboriginal culture, challenge pre-conceived ideas and open the discussion without bias or judgement. The group then discussed information about Aboriginal history, laws, family structure and relationships and the lore of the Aboriginal population in Australia prior to white settlement. A member of the stolen generation also spoke to the group, openly sharing their personal experience.

The training focused on how we can strengthen relationships with Aboriginal people, communities and organisations and improve access to employment. Feedback from the APP team has been extremely positive, with many commenting that they have an improved understanding of the Aboriginal culture, as well as their role in removing barriers to employment for Aboriginal people.

At APP, respect is one of our core values, and we strive to demonstrate it in everything we do – beginning with valuing every member of our team for their unique qualities, experiences, ideas and perspectives. We recognise that our people set us apart and truly drive our success, and that these differences should be celebrated.