Property and Infrastructure Specialists

Up close with Kimberley Seath

Kimberley is a valued member of APP’s next generation of property professionals. She joined APP in 2015 as an Assistant Project Manager after completing her Bachelor of Construction Management with First Class Honours.
Up close with Kimberley Seath

Kimberley has gained extensive experience in the delivery of projects, primarily in the Health and Civic Infrastructure with the support of her team and mentors. In 2016 she was promoted to a Project Manager while working on the new Forensic Pathology and Coroner's Court project, where she assisted with design development and construction. A participant of the 500 Women in Property program, an initiative of the Property Council’s Diversity Committees that champions women in business, Kimberley is an up and coming talent who is delivering fantastic results to clients.

What projects have you worked on with APP so far?

I've worked on a variety of projects including Newcastle Courthouse for the Department of Justice, Forensic Pathology and Coroner's Court for the Department of Justice and Health Infrastructure, Whole of Life Asset Management Planning for Defence, 431 King William Street base build upgrade and integrated fit outs for Quintessential Equity and Norman Waterhouse.

Describe your dream project and why?

My dream project would be to work on a prison. Working on the Newcastle Courthouse exposed me to the 'correctives' cells and the security parameters. I found it really interesting, and that was just in a courthouse! A prison would be quite a complex and challenging project.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy learning about other industries and how they operate. Since being at APP, I've worked on some really interesting projects, like the Forensic Pathology and Coroner's Court. I've learned a lot in the process about the relationship between building requirements and industry needs.

It's also incredibly satisfying to see a finished building being used. When I see people being excited about moving into a new building, it's such a thrill.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love anything food and wine, so being in Adelaide I do lots of exploring. We are spoilt for choice! I also like finding scenic trails and going for hikes.