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Canberra Light Rail reaches commissioning phase

Canberra’s new light rail project has reached an exciting milestone, with testing and commissioning underway on the 14 vehicles which will travel the 12km route from Gungahlin to the CBD.
Canberra Light Rail Reaches Commissioning Phase

APP in association with Arcadis is the Independent Certifier on Stage 1 of the project. APP was appointed jointly by Canberra Metro Consortium and the ACT Government’s Transport Canberra Light Rail. As Independent Certifier, APP’s role is to certify that the project is delivered in accordance with the contract documentation.

The light rail has been designed to future proof Canberra’s transport network and also act as a catalyst to reinvigorate areas along the route. Northbourne Avenue is experiencing major urban renewal, with several buildings already demolished and construction of new mixed use / residential developments underway.

APP’s role as Independent Certifier commenced in 2016 and to date has seen a team of 122 people involved in various roles in the certification process.

Planning for Stage 2 of the light rail network is currently underway and further stages are envisaged in the master plan to eventually link Canberra’s satellite suburbs with the city centre.

Canberra Light Rail Reaches Commissioning Phase
Canberra Light Rail Reaches Commissioning Phase