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Camden Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Camden Council has released their Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) to set the 20-year planning vision for the LGA. Regarded as the fastest growing Local Government Area (LGA) in Australia, it has seen strong growth of 141% over the past 20 years and is forecast to grow by 210% in the next 20 years (to 2036).
Camden Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Residential Growth

Residential growth in Camden has been historically dominated by development of detached dwellings (comprising 80%+), consistent with its city fringe location. Forecast to grow from 26,190 dwellings to 81,250 dwellings in the next 20 years, the announcement of growth plans for the Western Parkland City means planning for the next 20 years cannot assume a ‘business as usual’ approach to housing supply. The additional 55,060 dwellings need to comprise a range of housing typologies and densities supported by infrastructure.

In the context of the multiple drivers of growth in Camden - the Western Sydney City Deal, the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and South West Growth Area, the LSPS presents a major focus on sequencing of land release. As an example, the role of Leppington (which Council sees as a priority for growth in the short term) in the context of the South Creek and Bringelly precincts of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis is an issue that requires further investigation.

Job Growth

Of the 29,000 jobs in Camden, 44% of these are population serving. Notably, only 16% of jobs in the LGA are considered ‘knowledge intensive’. Smeaton Grange is the major employment hub, accommodating mostly industrial and population serving jobs.

Considering the substantial housing growth in Camden forecast over the next 20 years, strategic planning needs to focus on how to attract more ‘knowledge intensive’ jobs to the LGA, as the majority of workers in knowledge intensive industries leave the LGA for work.

In 2016, 30% of the resident population worked in Camden, 35% in Western Sydney and 35% in Greater Sydney. That equates to 70% of the resident population leaving the LGA for work and generating additional demand on the local transport network. In the next 20 years, Camden Council will need to leverage off the future industrial and commercial hub of the Aerotropolis.

A logical first step to supporting job creation will involve preparation of an employment lands strategy.

Prioritising Leppington

As expressed in the LSPS, Leppington is the most suitable precinct to accommodate growth of detached, attached dwellings and units in the next 5-10 years as the new urban south and new urban north become fully built out (i.e. Austral, Oran Park, Gregory Hills, Edmondson Park).

As an identified Strategic Centre (alongside Narellan), with Oran Park and Camden representing Camden LGA’s Town Centre’s, an evidence-based approach is imperative to understand Leppington’s role within the network of Strategic Centre’s in Sydney and how growth of Leppington could support provision of higher order jobs and opportunities that residents need.


The State and Federal Governments have committed, through the City Deal, to jointly fund Stage 1 of the North South Rail Link which will connect the Western Line at St Mary’s through to the Western Sydney Airport in time for its opening in 2026. The State and Federal Governments have also committed funding to investigate the further extension of the North South Rail from the Airport through to Campbelltown-Macarthur via Oran Park and Narellan, and including connection between Leppington and the Western Sydney Airport.

Additionally, Council have identified the importance of protecting the corridor for the Outer Sydney Orbital which represents one of the largest transport infrastructure opportunities for Western Sydney.


In the short term, there is a need for a SIC for the South West Growth Area, however, it is understood that a precinct-based Infrastructure Contribution model is preferred over the current ‘blanket’ SIC model.

Council will work with DPIE to establish the South West Growth Area SIC in the interim, however, there is some uncertainty surrounding infrastructure funding.

Key Short-Term Priorities

The LSPS identifies a number of short-term priorities and actions, including:

  • Prioritising the delivery of infrastructure in Leppington to support short term jobs and housing growth.
  • Working with DPIE to establish the South West Growth Area SIC and develop a precinct-based approach to infrastructure funding.
  • Advocating for clear sequencing of land release.
  • Finalisation of the Camden housing market analysis to provide an evidence base for Camden’s housing strategy and an understanding of housing supply and demand.
  • Delivery of an Affordable Housing Strategy and Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme.
  • Investigate potential mechanisms to overcome challenges presented by land fragmentation.
  • Protect and manage rural land conflicts associated with the Metropolitan Rural Area.

Council endorsed the draft LSPS for public exhibition on the 9 July 2019. The exhibition period commenced on the 23 July 2019 and will conclude on 27 August 2019.