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Brigidine College project begins its teaching role early

Senior Project Manager Neil Tomlinson is an example of the widespread culture at APP of the day-to-day sharing of knowledge and experience. Neil has been taking the opportunity to showcase components of the Brigidine College project’s delivery to a number of our Assistant Project Managers as part of their continual learning and development.
Brigidine College project begins its teaching role early

Neil’s background is in construction and he’s been enjoying the opportunity to further our staff’s practical understanding of the build process on a site which to date has covered site layout, in ground conditions, footings and pilings.

APP are working with Alder (contractor) and Blight Rayner (architects) on a new teaching facility at Brigidine College Indooroopilly which includes three levels of teaching and learning spaces, satellite staff facilities and student amenities with two levels of carparking accessed via Fairley Street.

Pictured are left to right: Neil Tomlinson, Sarah Norday, Tegwen Hunter, Eunice Zhu and Adrian Price.