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Blacktown City Council addressing Sydney’s cemetery shortage

Blacktown City Council has identified a number of transformational projects to support the Council’s expected population growth, one of which is St Bartholomew’s Cemetery expansion. APP has been project managing the planning proposal and Stage 1 DA for the site.
Blacktown City Council addressing Sydney’s cemetery shortage

The cemetery expansion is envisaged to deliver:

  • an estimated 10,000 new burial plots over the next 40 years
  • above-ground crypts
  • columbarium walls and other options for ashes interment
  • ancillary facilities (e.g. chapel, café/florist, administration office) around Tarlington Place
  • the restoration and re-purposing of the Old Prospect Post Office

A planning proposal for the cemetery expansion land as submitted to Council in August 2018 is seeking to rezone the land to permit a cemetery use. A Gateway Determination was issued by the Department of Planning and Environment in February 2019 that will enable the planning proposal to be exhibited.

A development application for earthworks on 1 hectare of vacant land on the existing cemetery site was submitted to Council in December 2018. The earthworks will facilitate the delivery of up to 1,000 grave sites, columbarium walls for ashes interment and new parking.

Council acquired the St Bartholomew 3.17ha cemetery in 2000 and in 2016 6ha of land to the east of the cemetery was transferred to Council by the State Government on the condition it be used for cemetery purposes, which will go some way to alleviating the shortage of available gravesites in the greater Sydney metropolitan area.