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APP unlocking value for social and community housing projects

Applying for government grants can be a complex process, and APP is supporting clients in the social and community housing space to secure much-needed funding across the nation. APP partners with housing providers to assist in delivering the extensive documentation requirements for grants, including developing a comprehensive business case.
APP unlocking value for social and community housing projects

This detailed documentation enables drivers of the organisation, as well as the objectives behind the business strategy, to be clearly identified and establishes how the benefits of the suggested proposal outweigh the economic costs. 

The Business Case services include:

•    Gap analysis of key data requirements including Land Value Assessments and Financial Modelling;
•    Business Case management including strategy, return on investment outcomes and site analysis detail;
•    Compiling detailed programmes and action lists for internal and external stakeholder management;
•    Stakeholder workshops, and data interrogation to ensure Business Cases meet key client metrics and objectives; and
•    Authoring the Business Cases in line with our client’s internal Governance requirements.

“Grant funding is highly competitive,” said Project Director, Jeremy Tadros. “Being able to provide thorough documentation that can effectively demonstrate all requirements of the application have been met can be a challenge. APP’s focus is to ascertain and demonstrate the financial implications of the funding and the capacity to deliver the proposed services – while achieving value for money and benefits to its stakeholders. A previously declined grant application does not necessarily mean the business wasn’t a suitable match but that perhaps the capabilities of the business were not adequately demonstrated.”

APP’s growing advisory team includes research, technical, financial, and economic expertise. In addition, APP takes a nationwide approach. With consultants located across the country, the team collaborates and regularly exchanges knowledge, bringing a unique understanding of the requirements across each local jurisdiction. 

“Often our team will work across a project’s full lifecycle,” said Jeremy. “This means we have the ability to support clients through all phases, from the Business Case through to the project delivery and ensure that the best outcomes are delivered.” 

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