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APP shines a light on mental health

At APP, there's nothing more important to us than the wellbeing of our people. However, according to SafeWork Australia 1 in 5 workers suffer from a mental health issue in the construction industry.
APP shines a light on mental health

We want to ensure our staff have the tools and resources to promote a mentally healthy workplace and provide them with practical ways to develop their own wellbeing and mindfulness. This year, we are implementing a new mental health program called 'Be Kind to Your Mind.'

APP’s National HR Manager, Leanne Doherty, who designed and implemented the program said, "Safety in the workplace has always been our priority. Our existing APP4Me program encourages and promotes health and wellbeing however ‘Be Kind to Your Mind' offers staff specific tools and resources for positive mental health at work.

We recognise that this is not a 'one-off' initiative but a journey that we are committed to. Our Executive Leaders are completely behind this program and will be pivotal in driving the outcome.”

The 'Be Kind to Your Mind' program consists of three components.

  1. An education program to raise awareness and train staff on ways in which they can respond to ill mental health in the workplace. Managers will also have access to training through the Black Dog Institute.
  2. APP will undergo a comprehensive audit of the business to identify how we can better support staff.
  3. We will be planning and implementing policies, tools and resources to align best practice with management practices.

Communicating change is key to the effectiveness of this program as is reviewing our initiatives to ensure its longevity and sustainability. 

APP’s commitment to promoting good mental health reaches beyond our workforce. In 2018 we took a fresh direction, driven by our staff, to support youth mental health. As a result, we partnered with batyr and Raise Foundation to help them empower and support teens and young adults grappling with mental health issues.

Some of our staff have taken the opportunity to provide more direct assistance through the Raise Foundation’s In School Mentoring Opportunity (ISMO) where staff mentor a young person, meeting at their school over two terms.

APP has always been committed to a safe workplace and through this initiative we aim to provide a mentally healthy workplace that empowers staff to respond in a mental health crisis, free from stigma and discrimination.

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