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APP provides Project Management Training for NSW Councils

Recognising our expertise and leadership within urban development, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) engaged APP to provide a series of workshops in Project Management and Zoning to NSW Council Planners to support the implementation of the new local environmental plan making guidelines.

In undertaking this practical and interactive training for Council Planners, the department has sought to improve and streamline its own ways of working, enhance relationships and processes with other government agencies and stakeholders, and gain a greater understanding of the project processes shared between government agencies and other stakeholders. 

Over the course of our engagement, APP delivered 14 virtual workshops to over 170 participants across 42 different Council areas. The Applied Project Management course was tailored to the audiences of strategic planners with learning topics centred on how to successfully plan, manage and monitor various types of projects, including Planning Proposals.

Council Planners gained an understanding of project planning, scope definition, programme management, cost management, risk management and stakeholder management, taught through a series of case studies and demonstrations. In particular, the course focused on applying the project management principles to guide a Planning Proposal through the new LEP Making Guidelines.

APP provided Council Planners with a suite of tailored tools and templates, equipping them to easily plan, manage and monitor their teams and projects into the future, and set realistic deadlines as part of the new local environmental plan making guidelines.

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