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APP appointed to manage Curtin University workplace fitout program

APP appointed to manage Curtin University workplace fitout program

APP has been appointed to manage a program of workplace fitouts and refurbishments for Curtin University. Many of the back of house administrative functions are located in neighbouring buildings under lease agreements, and this program of works will be implementing a new design standard and a new way of working that is more typical of modern corporate offices for the university.

There are multiple stakeholders and a significant change management process that APP is partnering with Curtin University to manage on their behalf. We’re in direct communication with the users who are driving the development, to design the brief and working to budgets.

As an organisation, Curtin University is forward thinking in how the business will operate in the future which makes our partnership an excellent cultural fit. As a result the designs are fairly advanced and they’re looking to implement new standards, a new way of looking at how universities operate.

There are a number of challenges ahead of us. Maintaining business continuity is key and making sure there will be no loss of business operations during the delivery will be paramount. We’re looking at a phased approach to conducting the works in live environments, around student exam periods ensuring minimal disruption for the University. Quite simply, there is a lot of planning involved.

The design phase began in December 2014 with project completion anticipated in October this year.