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Aerotropolis Update: NSW Government releases the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package

The NSW Government has today released the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package. It includes the Draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan, Draft DCP, Draft SEPP maps and a summary document.

Aerotropolis Update: NSW Government releases the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Planning Package

In terms of detail, the vision for the Aerotropolis has significantly progressed since the release of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Stage 1 Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan (LUIIP) released in August last year. Key differences between the Stage 1 LUIIP include:

  • The proposed Agriculture and Agribusiness Precinct on the western side of the airport has been reduced to create a new Flexible Employment area known as the Dwyer Road Precinct. Desirable land uses within the new Dwyer Road Precinct include high technology industry, commercial offices, small and medium enterprises, urban services, warehousing and logistics, food tech and research, food production and processing, agribusiness and fresh food produce markets.
  • In addition to the Northern Gateway and Aerotropolis Core Precincts identified as Initial Precincts in the Stage 1 LUIIP, the Agribusiness, Badgerys Creek and Mamre Road Precincts are now also Initial Precincts.
  • The South Creek Precinct is now defined by the 1:100 flood event as opposed to the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), potentially opening up more land for development.
  • Proposed transport corridors have been refined to include:
    • New roads including an Eastern Ring Road to the airport;
    • An indicative extension of the M5 Motorway from the Westlink M7 to Bringelly Road;
    • A more direct link between the North-South Rail Line and the T1 Main Western Line via a new tunnel;
    • A potential east-west rail link with an indicative extension to the Parramatta CBD;
    • An indicative extension of the proposed freight line to the east; and
    • The Fifteenth Avenue Transit Corridor from Liverpool to the Aerotropolis Core.

The Aerotropolis Structure Plan is to be implemented through a new State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Aerotropolis). Draft SEPP maps include:

  • A 1:100 flood map, providing certainty around developable land to those landowners within the floodplain.
  • A land use zoning map which will create new land use zones including an Agribusiness Zone, Enterprise Zone, Environment and Recreation Zone, Mixed Use Zone, Infrastructure Zone and Special Activities Zone (airport land).
  • A land reservation acquisition map, indicating land to be acquired along Thompsons Creek for the purposes of environment and recreation.
  • An Australian Noise Exposure Concept (ANEC) contour map and light control and windshear map, ensuring that the 24-hour operation of the airport is protected in perpetuity by preventing noise and light-sensitive development within those contours.
  • A wildlife buffer zone map in which certain types of vegetation are excluded, discouraging birds from the area and reducing the likelihood of interference with aircraft movements.
  • Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) map, ensuring that the height of development does not interfere with aircraft movements.

Here at APP, our team of planners have extensive experience managing planning proposals in the Western Sydney Area.

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