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1 William Street - a retrospective Part I

APP’s expertise in project delivery and quality management was recognised by the Queensland State Government when we were appointed in early 2012 as their Project Manager on 1 William Street (1WS) Brisbane. Completed in 2016, 1WS was Queensland’s largest high rise office development and is currently Australia’s largest government relocation and integration project.
1 William Street Brisbane - APP Corporation Project Management

At 75,000m2 nett lettable area, the building is the largest office building in Queensland, featuring 41 levels of open plan, activity-based workspace, a business lounge, meeting and conference areas. All Queensland Government Ministers, the Premier, most Directors-General and 5,000 government employees from 9 whole agencies and 11 part agencies are all now located in 1WS. Key Government functions such as Cabinet meetings, State receptions and press conferences are also held in the building.

The 1WS project had many objectives, but from a delivery perspective, the intent was always to deliver a workplace for the relocating government departments that would be open, collaborative and provide an enhanced way of working. This objective was front of mind for APP throughout the project and was always drawn upon when faced with queries on design, program and operations.  The project was also to deliver value for Queensland Government and be a positive environment and new home for the State’s employees.

1 William Street Brisbane - APP Corporation project management

Taking a holistic approach, APP managed the audit team for the design and construction of the base building, together with project management of the State's integrated fitout on this project. We provided our client with a full scope of expert project management and audit services that involved stakeholder, consultant and contractor management, project quality management and specialist programming. This included managing and coordinating the State’s design team in the early stages of development of the Project Brief and working on behalf of the State in early discussions with the developer as to the best design solutions to meet the Brief's requirements.

Throughout the project APP acted as the conduit between the State and the Developer, communicating requirements, attending to the processes detailed within the Project Deed and administering the contractual obligations.

The subsequent delivery stages were delivered by taking a dual approach:

  • auditing of the base building to ensure it met the needs of the Project Brief and any amendments that were required, and
  • leading and managing communication between the State, the tenants, the developer and all consultants and contractors to ensure the State's integrated fitout requirements were addressed and successfully delivered.

It was rewarding to work with the State's 1 William Street internal team to meet these requirements. The collaborative approach adopted throughout resulted in great outcomes for Queensland Government and the 5000 public servants now residing within the benchmark building.

1 William Street Interior work space

In addition to the audit role and project management services, APP provided project quality management and specialist programming both in an over-arching capacity and on special deployment to the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation to assist them with the delivery and implementation of the information and communication technology installation.

APP also developed a 'Run to the Line' program to coordinate the deliverables of a number of key government stakeholders and consultants to track the progress of the project delivery and ensure the operational readiness requirements were met in line with the development program. This program developed over time and was an amalgamation of a number of parallel intrinsically linked projects. Providing the holistic program allowed all respective parties to understand how their areas of work affected co-workers and led to a more cohesive and collaborative approach to getting the project ‘over the line’. The feedback received during the moves and post-relocation was very positive and a majority of employees were able to walk in on their first day, turn on their computers and begin working in their new environment.

1 William Street Brisbane working spaces

The building was successfully completed in October 2016, with the transitioning State Government departments relocating into the building over the following six weeks. 1WS is just the start of what will be a fantastic precinct in the William Street and George Street area, destined to become a game-changing attraction for Brisbane both nationally and internationally.

From APP’s perspective, client satisfaction throughout the delivery is paramount to a project’s success and we greatly enjoyed working with Queensland Government and the wider project team in delivering the 1WS project.

Key Statistics:

  • Development cost: $653 Million
  • Construction completion:  November 2016
  • Occupancy of Tenancy:  December 2016
  • Land Owner:  State Government of Queensland
  • Building Developer:  Cbus Property
  • Builder:  Multiplex
  • Building Owner:  Cbus Property and ISPT
  • Tenant: State Government of Queensland
  • APP Role: Project Manager for the State Government - January 2012 - November 2017

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