Property and Infrastructure Specialists
After beginning my career as a Structural Engineer in New York City, I left the big apple to pursue a more integrated, people-oriented role in the construction industry. APP’s reputation for training and developing their staff into highly skilled experts was really appealing to me, so I applied for the graduate program and joined APP in 2014.
Peter Alevizos

I’m someone who is passionate about property and development, so naturally I wanted to work on these types of projects. So once I’d completed the graduate program I decided to settle in the Urban Development team. I loved the nature of the projects and saw it as a great opportunity to continue learning from the team who are experts at what they do.

A typical day in the UD team will see me working on front-end development projects where the goal is to achieve a rezoning or undertake a strategic study on a precinct. At the moment I’m working on a range of projects including South Dural, Campsie, Glenfield Section 94, Badgerys Creek Land Development, Blacktown Health and Barden Ridge to name a few.

The best part about working in the urban development team is the range of colleagues you work with. On my current projects, I’m working with three different project directors each with respective expertise in property, front-end development and infrastructure. Working with people with such diverse skillsets has given me the opportunity to continue developing my own knowledge across the lifecycle of development projects.

- Peter Alevizos, Senior Project Manager

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