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I am originally from the Philippines and began my career in Australia in 2006, under a working visa with URS Australia. I started as an environmental scientist working on contaminated lands and worked my way up to project manager and then program manager in 2010.
Annabelle Tungol

In that year I received a call from APP HR that changed my career forever! I joined APP as a project manager in the Environmental division, managing contaminated sites. My first project with APP was to manage the Sydney Water Remediation Sites portfolio while their Environmental Manager was on a year’s maternity leave. During this time, the manager of APP’s auditing and compliance business AQUAS, approached me to consider an auditing role. He had no idea that prior to becoming a project manager, my dream job was to be a management systems auditor!

The rest is history, my career as Environmental Lead Auditor and Environmental Representative came to fruition. I transferred from APP to AQUAS in 2011 and stayed with AQUAS for the next 5 years.

In August 2016, I left AQUAS to be part of the Sydney Metro project as Environmental Representative, although my association with AQUAS continued as they subcontracted me to help on audit and environmental remediation projects. By the end of 2019 I was persuaded to return to APP/AQUAS and started in February 2020 without a second thought! It felt as if I was home, and without any adjustments needed because I was rejoining the same family I’d previously worked with - my APP/AQUAS family.

Over the years, I’ve realised there are four important things for me in my working environment:

  • W:  work life balance - flexibility of time;
  • O:  output-driven – it’s not the number of hours or long hours you may work, it’s about the good quality of the delivery of your work;
  • R:  rapport - positive relationships between people and treating each other as family instead of competition; 
  • K:  knowledge – continuous learning and development, which also includes learning from your colleagues and the transfer of knowledge by training juniors.

Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about all the projects on which I’ve worked. This includes my role as Environmental Representative for Sydney Metro, Parramatta Light Rail and Gosford Passing Loop, plus the projects I audited such as Western Sydney Airport, RMS Audits, Transurban- M2, Lane Cove Tunnel, Cross City Tunnel and M7. Each project has its unique challenges and complexities associated with each client, and the learnings I get from each audit are carried onto the next project.  

One of my career goals is to inspire young professionals in my industry to be more dedicated, to be output-driven, to be passionate about what they do, to enjoy their jobs as part of their lives, to always do their best and to promote equality in the workforce for a better work environment.  What you put into your career, is what you get out of your career.

- Annabelle Tungol, Senior Environmental Project Manager

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